goconnect – Providing assistance and peace of mind when managing Event calls.


Whether it’s crisis communication, quarterly or annual Investor Relation calls, sales kick-offs, general company announcements or global financial reviews, Indigo Forward has a solution for your business.

goconnect eliminates the time and expense of travelling whilst bringing together team members for meetings at short notice.

goconnect is a range of Audio Conferencing Event services that allow you to capture participant’s details via pre- registration, brand your event for consistent company ‘look and feel’, or just to have the support of a conference manager from start to finish. With the right combination of features and enhancements you can:

  • Confirm conference details with all scheduled participants
  • Use Event Management services to assure attendance
  • Record and archive your meeting
  • Replay the event to reinforce your next steps, to share with a colleague or to publish the event for others to view
  • Get customised, detailed reports and billing
  • Track usage and participation whilst managing costs
  • Tap into web-based meeting tools – integrate Microsoft® Office Live Meeting, the Cisco WebExTM suite of services, or IBM® Lotus® Sametime® UnyteTM Meeting
  • Personalise your greeting – incorporate your company’s name into the automated welcome message