Video as a Service (VaaS)

Whilst video conferencing within the enterprise is the norm, people working in different time zones and out of office (home, hotel, etc) are generally represented by audio only.  They are often forgotten about in a video conference and cannot collaborate with document sharing.  To effectively participate in a meeting everyone has to be on an equal plane.

VCEverywhere provide the gateway to interoperability between video conferencing room systems, desktops and mobile devices.  We understand that video conferencing should not be limited to within the enterprise.

Attending meetings outside of business hours, from home or on the road is an accepted necessity for today’s enterprise. Providing same user experience out of the office is a significant challenge.

VCEverywhere take the office experience of participating in a video conference and make it available for global B2B and home or travelling users independently on our carrier-grade platform and through integration with existing in-room systems.

Our key values:
  • Reliability
  • Ease of Use
  • Security
We believe:
  • To provide B2B video conferencing, you have to support all major standards
  • One time software download (without admin rights or firewall considerations) is essential
  • Email plugin simplifies process of meeting invites
  • Hosting is only a small part, the right connectivity provides optimum performance
  • Implementation of the service without additional enterprise support burden is key
  • Enhancing existing technologies.  e.g. Sametime, Lync, OCS, Telepresence, PBX’s, etc.
  • Providing a complete service is essential from consultation, implementation and support to customised billing and service reviews

To find out how we can transform the way your company communicates call us on +44 (0)1622 804645 or email today for a free no obligation evaluation.