Video conferencing is becoming increasingly popular, and there are several articles that discuss ways to optimize your experience. But as enterprise- grade video conferencing moves to mobile devices, new rules of etiquette are emerging.

  1. Learn the “ins and outs” of the solutions available today – look for those that enable multiparty calling, will connect to any standards-based video system/client, which enables content- sharing and review.
  2. Know how-to leverage multi-touch gestures, drag and drop, etc. to maximize the real estate and enhance your experience.
  3. Learn layout options and check self-view so you know what those on the far end are seeing.
  4. Understand that the experience varies between a smartphone and a tablet – utilize the best device for your needs.
  5. Take advantage of device stands when possible to avoid “shaky camera syndrome.”
  6. Mute yourself when not speaking, use a headset for optimal audio, and “mute” your camera when you’re on-the-go.
  7. Ensure the room is well lit and avoid backlighting, as it will make you appear dark to those on the far end.
  8. Choose a video conferencing solution that replicates human interaction best, i.e. ones that don’t keep you front and centre as if you’re the presentation, when you’re not talking.
  9. In-person meeting etiquette still applies. Distracting behaviours, like eating, checking email or having side conversations can take away from the true collaboration experience – so skip it.
  10. Make the road work for you, and get connected! The quality of mobile video chatting today enables a much more personal experience, allowing users to improve productivity anywhere and at anytime.