The new EU regulation regarding personal data will start on May 25th 2018.

The law exists to protect the integrity and personal data of the individual with the objective to modernise, harmonise and strengthen the protection within the EU.

Our ambition and objective is that our customers and partners should feel completely safe with how we handle all data.

What do we do at VCEverywhere to make you feel safe?

VCEverywhere helps customers fulfil GDPR in the role of personal data processor.

VCEverywhere is responsible for the technical and organisational security measures as a personal information officer and ensures that the storage and access to personal data is safe and with integrity in focus.

We offer GDPR functionality to tag material and contributors.

We store your data securely on servers within the EU.

We offer the opportunity to remove data and personal data as well as the right to be forgotten.

We are responsible for all processing of personal data about you as a customer when you order VCEverywhere’s services or as a user when you contact us.

GDPR opt-in

GDPR opt-out

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to know how and why we process personal data and how we comply with the new EU regulation, please contact us at